A Tuna Christmas




“A Tuna Christmas” is Packed Full of Christmas Fun!
If you are in need of a laugh or many of them, this is the show for you. Two men play 22 roles and both are excellent! Gary Morgan is almost too good in his portrayals for them not to be real. As Vera Carp, Gary captures every annoying trait you may have ever felt or thought about annoying people. Curtis Brown is wonderful, often playing the straight man to much of Gary’s nuttiness as he brings his own take on the unusual goings on. It is all nuttiness and fun and reminds us that sometimes we just need to stop and laugh at ourselves or at those relatives we always wondered about. Director Marian Sorensen out-did herself once again. Congratulations to cast and crew and a special thank you to Norma Richardson for continuing to bring quality theater to Griffin-Spalding! Ten years and going strong!
–Sandra J. Cropsey