Who’s There?


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My dear friends and cast members,

What can I say to you? What words contain enough love and appreciation? How would Webster define people who conjure images and evoke sweet memories? I do not even have to close my eyes to see Momma’s innocence or Sister’s pain or Ivylee’s recitations or Meter Reader’s “Blue Angels” or Bunk’s sweet genuineness. They, who ever “they” are, say you always remember the first, and I surely know that I shall. They did not say that you would miss “the first” so, however. I just told Marian that I feel rather like Cinderella after the ball and that I found myself wondering if there were any way to load up the show and take it to other theaters.

What joy you all have brought me. I am truly so blessed to have gotten to know you and to work with all of you and to call you my dear friends. I miss you terribly and would have written sooner, but every time I have tried, I turn into a puddle of tears.

From the depth of my heart, I thank you! Whenever I recall who’s there, I will recall you! God bless and keep each and every one of you!

With much love and appreciation,