THANK YOU for inviting me to the musical “Titanic”! IT WAS AWESOME! Who knew that our community has so much talent! I felt like I was on Broadway! It was wonderful, and made me proud to be a Griffinite and an American! You guys did a really wonderful job.

Bettie C.

Driving Miss Daisy

Please don’t miss Main Street Players production of “Driving Miss Daisy”. It is impeccably performed by 3 BRILLIANT actors and was directed to perfection. To have a show of this quality in Griffin is such an honor.
Lori Liddell Flanders

Teachers: The Musical

What a fun, clever show! I enjoyed it so much more than I’d anticipated I would. Marti and the lady who was Doris and Maureen and the girl who was Sammy–the BEST! For that matter, the male actors were fun as well. A most enjoyable evening. I hope this play’s run will reach wide audiences and bring in lots of fans for Main Street Players.
Betsy Harris

Who’s There


There was never a dull moment. The cast was awesome. I kept wondering how you were going to end it. But, you brought it all together masterfully and left the audience with a great message.

Thank you for your wonderful entertaining play. Your actors were superb. And it had such a number of hometown connections–and I’m not even from the South Metro area!
Estelle Ford-Williamson


The acting was very strong, which is a rarity in community theater. I hear the director is kind of talented, too. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you all!
-Glenn Bowman


Thank you for your wonderful entertaining play. Your actors were superb. And it had such a number of hometown connections–and I’m not even from the South Metro area!
-Estelle Ford-Williamson


Your play was GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! There was never a dull moment. The cast was awesome. I kept wondering how you were going to end it. But, you brought it all together masterfully and left the audience with a great message.


The Production was second-to-none! Herman and I really enjoyed ourselves.
-Geneva & Herman Green


Thank you for a most enjoyable Sunday afternoon!!!!
-Ed & Sue Reynolds


Robbie Burke, who is well-known to audiences in Griffin-Spalding, heightened the characterization of Bunk with his usual depth and tenderness.


Ivylee, portrayed by Christy Laster, dances her way into your hearts with the most engaging and outlandish interpretation of the supposed “sex-starved, half-wit sister.”

Clark Douglas makes his acting debut in the role of Meter Reader, and truly regales us with tales of his wife who lost her life in a wood chipper “that was drowned out by the sound of the flying Blue Angels.”

Marian Sorensen, as the sweet, yet driven Southern matriarch, Momma, takes us through the complete gamut of endearing emotions.

Lisa Boyd’s facial expressions are priceless, and her portrayal of Sister is so real she causes you to call to mind the sometime less-than-harmonious relationship and contention with your own siblings.

The performance was wonderful. The Actors were well cast and the humor restoring. You have done good work and the players interpreting your work in a delightful way. Thanks for the invitation.


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”
Is the Best!

The Main Street Players held their preview production last evening of the delightful children’s book by Barbara Robinson, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. The show was both fun and entertaining, and the cast is “all-star”—even if this is a first play for many of them! An ensemble production, Emma Chasteen, Kimeon Few, Blake Gregory, and Lauralee Happel all play off of one another’s characters beautifully, but the show was almost stolen by Mikeria Bouie, whose characterization of Gladys fills the theater with robust talent and humor. The angels will tug at your heart, while the shepherds and wise men will elicit an “Oh, my.” Truly, this production is just fun—plain and simple fun!

If you have not yet tapped into the holiday spirit, attend a performance of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” for this cast and crew will surely find and light that spirit for you. Share this experience with your children. Make it a family event, as it will definitely be a highlight in your holidays.

A special holiday thank you to all the artists in our community, who so graciously give of their time and talent to bring art not only to our community, but provide that beautiful, needed resource to our children!

The “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” will be performed at the Main Street Theatre located at 115 North Hill Street in Griffin Dec 11th -20th. For reservations, please call 770-229-9916 or 770-233-0578.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

I went to opening night, not knowing what to expect. I loved it! The young actors are terrific; development of the “plot” is ingenious, the second act is superb. I left both emotionally drained and elated. Joe Jackson, friend of Joe McKaughan

Marian did a fantastic job! We, too, enjoyed it thoroughly.
-Lynn Wilder Cheney

A great play!! Gladays is hilarious and I loved Emma Jean’s ATTITUDE!!! gotta go and see this!!
-Toni Grogan

We saw it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it!! The kids were great!
-Patty Hyatt Beckham

Yours, Anne

The debut production…is stunning almost beyond description. “Yours, Anne” is great theater by anyone’s standards, but as an initial offering by an untried ensemble cast and crew in a new venue where paint is still drying it is truly miraculous. Small but brilliant in every facet. Anne Frank is perfectly cast. There is not a “weakest link” in this cast and the delivery of dialogue, whether spoken or sung, is seamless.

– Howard P. Wallace

1940’s Radio Hour`

This play is all fun-plenty of song, plenty of comedy and just a little dance. All of the dozen or so musical numbers were performed with just the right proportions of nostalgia and heart and with only the tiniest bit of satire. Dan Strickland’s musical direction scores a homerun with each number.

To Kill A Mockingbird

It is hard to do a thorough critique on a play that was done with absolute perfections. I was blown away by the professionalism of the entire production. The stage set, designed by Charles Walker, was magnificent. It included every visual aspect of the novel… This is how plays should be. They should move people. I would recommend to any and every one that they find the time to see their next productions. You will not be disappointed.

– Jennifer Roberts, The Kudzu Life, November 2002

Last weekend of


“You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!”

Presented by the Main Street Players, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” is a fun production and an excellent way in which to spend an evening or afternoon. With uplifting music and finger-snapping songs, the multi-talented cast will delight you. Nick Clark makes for a very believable Charlie Brown, and Stephanie Hope Barrett’s portrayal of Snoopy will keep you grinning. Caitlan McDaniel is so believable as Lucy, you find yourself asking, “Is she acting or is this real?” But she is acting, and she does it effortlessly, which is what acting is all about. Faith Flanders is so funny and engaging as Charlie Brown’s sister, Sally, that she successfully steals many a scene. Michael Bryan does an excellent job as Schroeder, and Ben Mayo does an equally excellent job as Linus, complete with his blanket, which is adorably portrayed by Shannon Montgomery. The cast is superb and their exuberance will help you put aside all the woes of the world for a little while. “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” is good theater and a fun event to share with your children. So grab the ‘kids’ and go to the theater! Main Street Theatre is located at 115 No. Hill Street. Show times are 7:30 P.M. Friday and Saturday, Aug 14-15 and Sunday Aug 16 at 3:00 P.M. Telephone: 770-229-9916 or

And now for a word from a supporter:

As president of the Griffin Area Arts Alliance, I personally would like to invite you to experience the arts in Griffin-Spalding. We are truly blessed with a vast array of talent in our community, and we have been fortunate that our member groups have had the will and the means to share their talent with us. Please know, however, that our groups are struggling financially also, and without your support, they cannot continue. Thus I ask you to consider what Griffin-Spalding would be like without the following: Camelot Theatre, the Flint River Writers Group, the Griffin Ballet, the Griffin Area Concert Association, Griffin Choral Arts, Griffin School for the Arts, the Griffin-Spalding Art Association, and the Main Street Players?

Life without the arts would be like spring without flowers. So please, buy that ticket, go to that art event, give of yourself to people who are trying to give to you. On behalf of the Arts Alliance and its membership, thank you!

– Sande Cropsey

On your note to me that came with the flyer, you said I might enjoy the performance. Well let me tell you, I was inspired by the performances to the extent that I was moved to contribute to the “save a seat” campaign. Those were some very talented singers and they performed all the numbers with a lot of dramatic flair – to the extent you would see them in the actual musical play that the songs came from. As the saying goes – “They sang their hearts out”!

– AL B.

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  1. Kelly says:

    The Trip to Bountiful is wonderful, and all the actors do a fantastic job! This is a must see!

  2. L Bryant says:

    You all do a TREMENDOUS job at Main Street. Where else could we get such interesting theater? I grew up in NYC and went to many a Broadway and off-Broadway play, but the intimacy, hilarity, and meaningfulness of some of the performances at Main Street are the most memorable for me. The last play, with the actual preacher from Griffin First, was fantastic.

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